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The Supernals began in 1967 when two men, Jerry Garner and Ronnie Johnson met in the post office in Lenoir City, TN and discovered a mutual love for gospel music. They soon began the ministry of the Supernals that has stood the test of time for over 50 years. The legacy is now carried on by brothers Mark and Preston Garner, along with friends Donnie "Pudge" Smith, Ray Scarbrough, Jeff Ingram, and recent addition, Mark Phillips. 

The Legacy of this great ministry that began in a quaint little post office continues today- with friends singing the gospel- Quartet style!



Joshua once declared, “Serve the Lord in sincerity and in faithfulness…. As for me and my house, we will!!!"


Generals are never born. They are formed and forged, much the way precious metals are purified by fire. 


For more than fifty years Mark Garner has both endured and enjoyed the refinement process. 


He was trained from an early age to lead by His father and Supernal founder, Jerry Garner. While His earliest studies were in harmonies,  the actual lessons taught by our Supernal Patriarch were in camaraderie. 


When the final chapter of the Supernal’s story has been written, it will read, “Through the most trying moments of a life devoted to the Supernal music ministry; when He shouldn’t have been able to; Mark Garner sang the best tenor of His life.”


As battle scarred Generals do, Mark sincerely and faithfully continues to lead the Supernals until all are safe and secure in The Promised Land. 


Mark faithfully serves to preserve the legacy of His Father and Pastor at Pleasant View Baptist Church in Alcoa, Tennessee. 


He does the same for the memory of His wife, Sherry, through the devotion of His children and grandchildren. 

Mark Garner-Tenor Vocals/Operations Manager

Preston Garner-Baritone Vocals/Events Manager

It was Caleb who said, “Now therefore give me that mountain.”

It was Preston Garner who epitomized it. 


The musical scales of structure and vocal arrangement drape the shoulders of Preston Garner as does tailored chainmail on any Biblical Lieutenant. 


An accomplished percussionist, Preston was recruited by His father and Supernal founder, Jerry Garner in the mid 1980’s to play drums, initially. As mantles were handed down, He eventually assumed the baritone, road manager and concert MC responsibilities masterfully. 


Preston’s testimony, reputation and resume prove as reliable and  trustworthy as carabiners hung on the belt of any skilled mountaineer. He’s a conqueror. 


In addition to His impeccable pedigree, He is the quintessential, pro circuit quartet man, with references from the very best of the Southern Gospel music industry. 


If Southern Gospel Music subscribed to a universal soldier; those warriors would surely embody the integrity, perseverance and faithfulness of Preston Garner. 


Preston currently serves as Interim Minister of Music at First Baptist Church, Morristown, Tn and is supported by His wife, Kellie, their children and grandchildren. 

Donnie "Pudge" Smith-Pianist/Vocal & Band Arrangements

Jewish tradition originally ascribes the following to Moses. “I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and fortress.” 


What an honor it must be for someone like Moses to share company with someone like Donnie “Pudge” Smith.  At least, that’s the way the Supernals see it. 


His signature piano style will undoubtedly well represent the soundtrack of the Supernal music ministry throughout eternity. 

Pudge began His journey with the Supernals in the late 1970’s. When speaking to Pudge, you won’t hear of hardships and physical challenges endured between then and now. Instead, be prepared to hear firsthand, a testimony of all that He enjoys in God’s protection and provision. 


There is an anointing that touches the hands of the Supernal keyboardist, in particular during those all important ministering  moments when charts, programs and set lists are not required or necessary. 


For more than four decades, the Supernals have considered it an honor to witness the handy work of Pudge's God given talent. In gratefulness and harmony likely structured by Pudge, they recall the song of Moses “Your right hand, O Lord, is majestic in power,

Your right hand, O Lord, shatters the enemy.”


Pudge faithfully serves as pianist at New Hope Baptist Church in Maryville, Tn and is supported by His wife, Patti, their children and grandchildren. 

Ray Scarbrough-Lead vocals/Bass Guitar/Production Manager

King David sang “The Lord is my song.”


As the Psalmist was, “Ruddy and “ready” are words that also describe Ray Scarbrough. 


Ray began His tenure with the Supernals in the mid 1980’s, first on bass guitar, eventually accepting the challenges of filling the huge shoes of Lead Vocalist and Founder, Ronnie Johnson. 


An accomplished songwriter, His work comprises most of the songs in the Supernals repertoire over the last forty years. 


Ray is a multi Song Writer of The Year Nominee. His songs have shared in Dove Award nominations; Among which are numerous chart topping works originally recorded by or intended for the Supernals, including four consensus number ones. 


His pen is also accredited for writing the “Official Southern Gospel Song of The Great State of Tennessee as voted by the 101st General Assembly of the Tennessee State House of Representatives”. 


Ray solely attributes His inspirations for material to the Holy Spirit’s ability to speak through everything and everyone, most notably, His family and the Supernals. 


The presets of a Ray Scarbrough song recorded by other artists are often determined by the attributes inspired of His time with the Supernals. No matter the artist, He heard the echo of The Supernals, singing it first in His heart. 


Additionally, Ray serves as Senior Adult Ministry Director at Fairview Knox Church, Corryton Tn. 


He is supported by His wife Candy, their children and grandchildren. 


Jeff Ingram-Bass Vocals/Official Food Taster

….. the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David. -1 Samuel 18:1


Massive and tender aren’t words often associated together. And yet, they harmonize beautifully in the loyal soul of Jeff Ingram. 


Jeff’s giant heart has been knit to The Supernals since the late 1980’s, first as drummer. Soon thereafter, He stepped up to the mic to fill a ‘sacred spot’ as bass vocalist. 


A fan favorite, Jeff Ingram’s welcoming spirit perfectly represents the humble desire of the Supernal ministry. "Our Lord is big enough to inspire hearts and affectionate enough to comfort the same."


That gentle courage resonates through every tone and note Jeff performs. 


His calm demeanor exemplifies a life well lived, at peace, knit and bonded to His friends and beloved by His Supernal brothers. 


You may meet A Supernal; but you haven’t met THE Supernals until you meet Jeff Ingram. 


Jeff faithfully serves in the music department of Faith Baptist Church in Jefferson City Tn, supported by His wife, Sheila, their children and grandchildren. 

Mark Phillips-Percussionist/Lead Audio Technician

Samuel replied “Speak, Lord, for Your servant hears".

-1 Samuel 3


Only true servants of the Lord respond in confidant childlike faith to whatever task’s are set before them. 


The type finds an absolute example in Mark Phillips. His versatility makes Him a valuable contributor to any music ministry. His willingness to do whatever it takes endears Him as a trusted Supernal Brother. 


Mark Phillips is the latest addition to the Supernals’ very tight knit brotherhood. 


Most of the time, you can find Mark rounding out the band on percussion with the Supernals. However, if at first you miss Him on drums during concerts, keep looking.  The consummate multitasker, He’s likely playing bass guitar, contributing vocals and/or running sound.  


An accomplished sound engineer, Mark spends countless hours smoothing out the microscopic details of every Supernal recording at His proprietorship, WaveSound Productions in Maryville, Tn. 


The value of a good Supernal Man doesn’t entirely rely on His musical prowess; but rests more so on how well He hears…. and responds. 


Mark Phillips will be the first to tell you that He plays neither by note nor by ear; but by heart. 


Mark faithfully attends The Meadow Church in Maryville, Tn, and is supported by His wife, Allison, their children and grandchildren. 

"Trying to build the brotherhood of man without the fatherhood of God is like trying to make a wheel without a hub."

-Max Lerner

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